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The century-old swing bridge in Little Current still swings every hour for 15 minutes to let the boats make the passage between Georgian Bay and the world-famous sailing destination found in the North Channel.

Northern Ontario is so quiet you can hear the bird’s wings while cycling along our quiet country roads. Everything moves at a leisurely pace on Manitoulin Island, so much so, the locals call it “Manitoulin Time”.

You will discover the rare treasures of Manitoulin’s world-famous Alvars. Alvars (a Swedish word) are globally rare, and found in naturally open habitats .

Manitoulin is blessed with incredible natural beauty mainly because of the rock formations. The fractures create blocks of various sizes called “clints.” The spaces between them are called “grikes.” 

The Alvar vegetation is a rare and sensitive ecosystem that is not found outside the Great Lakes basin. Native grasses, shrubs and flowers manage to eke out a living under extreme fluctuating conditions of temperature, moisture and poor soils.

Manitoulin Island has become one of the most sought-after cycling destinations in Ontario with over 800km of suggested cycling routes and over 45km of off-road trails, and 108 picturesque inland lakes. Just a great place to plan a cycle tour in Canada,

You will have a chance to visit beautiful Art Galleries, some featuring exquisite Native Art from the Ojibawa First Nations living on Manitoulin.

We will show you some of the trees noted in the Nature Club’s Tree registry. Sometimes these trees have a long story to tell making them a “witness” tree.

Tour Dates & Fees

Lodging & Meals


Distances &  Rating

Manitoulin has very gentle hills and not much elevation on the route chosen for this particular package.

We will have two groups, starting and ending the day in very close proximity, making it ideal for cycling partners with different riding needs and wants.

Total distance travelled by bike:

Group 1,   280km                 Group 2,   463km       

Daily distance: due to many construction projects planned between 2016-2018 the distances may change  

     Day 1    58km  & Ferry                                   Day 1     76km & Ferry

     Day 2    55km                                                 Day 2     97km

     Day 3    60km                                                 Day 3   111km

     Day 4    56km                                                 Day 4     96km

     Day 5    51km  & Ferry                                   Day 5     83km & Ferry

Relax on Providence Bay’s Sand Beach

Perivale Gallery one of many fine Art Galleries

Sugar Maple witness tree found at Maja’s Garden - Mindemoya

Vista from Ten Mile Point lookout over Georgian Bay and the North Channel.

Big old Barns are fast becoming relics of the past

Alvar Treasure Rides

Pump your pedals on Manitoulin - heart of the Great Lakes

Ontario Great Lakes Cycle Tours

Your cycling adventure begins with the Ferry passage to the Island on the M.S. Chi-Cheemaun, meaning: The Big Canoe, in Ojibwa. A rich experience awaits you on this cycling tour. You will be exposed to fascinating Great Lakes marine history, with lighthouses, an old ferry boat, and museum displays, telling of a time when boats connected the lovely little towns

All Inclusive Cycling Vacation

Ride Fee:   $980 / person - no HST added (double occupancy)

               $1200 / person -  no HST added (single occupancy) - space limited

Your Ride includes:

Mississagi Lighthouse, one of many lighthouses on Manitoulin.

 One of the many
 inland lake stops

Enjoy the Sandhill Cranes and their spectacular size and sound


Alvar on the south shore of Lake Huron