-Paved/hardtop, 51km, 3.5 hr @ 15km/hr

-Road bike/hybrid, moderate

-Park at the Gore Bay Harbour Centre Gore Bay holds the seat of Justice for Manitoulin. Take some time, drop into the many shops, walk the docks, visit the museum, historic jail and the courthouse. Leave town by following Main St. to #540B. Turn left here and go south until you reach #540. Cross over #540 and continue on Poplar Rd. You might want to take a side trip to see Tobacco Lake. Heading south on Poplar Rd. the route becomes rolling but not extreme; there are lots of fast runs. Arriving in Poplar, pause to consider that this little area is known for the high number of servicemen who fought in WWI. Go west on Union Rd. past the intersection of Union and Indian Point Rd., until you see the sign for #540 that points the way to Evansville. Follow #540 northeast, across Indian Point Bridge, with Campbell Bay on your left (west) and L. Wolsey on your right (east). After the causeway, turn right when you reach the 7th Line until you come to Poplar Rd. There you turn left (north) towards #540. Return to Gore Bay via Poplar Rd. and #540B.

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