-Paved/gravel, 19 km, 1.5hr @ 15km/hr

-Hybrid, rigorous but spectacular -Park at the Little Current Information Centre Follow #6 south, approx. 3km to Morphet’s Sd. Rd. Please note that #6 can be a very busy highway. Turn right onto Morphet’s Sd. Rd. You will arrive at a series of challenging hills. At the top, the road “T”s with McLean’s Mountain Rd. Turn right to a lookout offering a splendid view of the LaCloche Mountains. After a short backtrack, cycle south past a series of industrial wind turbines and have a great workout surrounded by prairie-like grasslands. When you reach Greenbush Rd., turn left, cycling back to #6. Note the snake rail fences and sturdy old barns that line Greenbush Rd. One of the best views of the ancient, now rounded, peaks of the LaCloche Mountains awaits you on #6 at a second lookout. Head north on #6, glide down a delightful big hill and make your way back to Little Current. Take time to wander the waterfront and enjoy the yachts, sailboats, shops and eateries. Sideroad Option: Returning to Little Current, turn right onto White’s Point Rd. and enjoy the views of the North Channel. Backtrack to #6, turn right and you will soon be back at your starting point.

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