-Paved/hardtop, 34km, 2 hr @ 15km/hr

-Road bike/hybrid, easy

-Park at Mindemoya Park on #542 E Cycle west through town, out of Mindemoya on #542. At the first sharp left-hand bend in the road, turn right then immediately left, onto the beautiful and quiet Lakeshore Rd., until you arrive back at #542. Continue west on #542 until you reach Monument Rd. Turn right here and follow this road around the Lake past a public beach. Rest at the picnic area and contemplate the legends of Treasure Island. Cycle past Learmont Rd. through the shade created by a wonderful hardwood canopy. Ride until the road heads north and you reach Cross Hill Rd. Here you turn right and follow a straight stretch of road until you come to Corbiere Rd. Turn right and follow this road past an art gallery, swing left (east) onto Lakeview Dr., which very shortly arrives at #551. Turn right (south) onto the wide paved shoulders of #551, past the roadside park overlooking the east side of Treasure Island. Turn right at Hill Rd., which leads into Ketchankookem Trail. You will pass a number of cottages, a resort with an interesting display of wood carvings and a public sand beach just before the stop sign. Turn left at this sign, then right onto #551, cycling back into Mindemoya. Visit the wonderful Pioneer Museum and a tea garden, right in the heart of Mindemoya.



Mindemoya is centrally located on the Island and lends itself well with access to many of Manitoulin's wonderful cycling routes. Mindemoya L. is one of the warmest lakes to swim in, as it is relatively shallow and features the legendary Treasure Island. Mindemoya has a hospital and you will find all amenities close by.

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