-Paved/hardtop, 100km, 7 hr @ 15km/hr

-Road bike/hybrid, moderate/experienced

-Park at Mindemoya Park on #542 E Access also from Gore Bay, Kagawong and Providence Bay Follow #542 west from Mindemoya for 2.5km. to a sharp left bend. Turn right onto Lakeshore Rd. Enjoy the lake vistas and soon find yourself back at #542. Turn right and continue to a stop sign. Go straight through onto Beaver Rd. (Providence Bay is only 5km from here. Turn left on #551 to make the trip into this Lakeside village, with its Discovery Centre, boardwalk & extensive sand beach). A right turn at Grimsthorpe Rd. will take you to Spring Bay. Cross #542 and follow Perivale Rd., to a “T” at L. Kagawong. Turn left to stay on the route (or turn right to visit a gallery) and continue to the end of Perivale Rd. W. Turn right on #542, turn right onto Emery Rd. and ride along the lovely shoreline of Ice L. When you reach #540 turn left and at #540B turn right. This will take you into Gore Bay. At Hall St. turn right. At the top of the short hill go straight onto the 10th Sd. Rd. At Beange Rd. turn right and follow it to #540. Turn left onto #540 and continue to Kagawong. At the stop sign the route turns right (a left turn will bring you to Kagawong’s waterfront) past the gorgeous Bridal Veil Falls. Cycle up the hill on #540, and turn right onto Lakeshore Rd. When you reach Con. 8 turn left and continue to #540. Turn right and cycle up & over the hill on #540 until you reach M’Chigeeng, where you turn right onto #551. Visiting the Ojibwe Cultural Foundation is a highlight in this First Nation community. Ride #551 south toward Mindemoya, turn right on Hill Rd. then along Ketchankookem Trail, for a view that presents Treasure Island at its best. At the stop sign turn left onto old #551 and then right on #551. At #542 turn left to return to the starting point.

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